… is better than OIL or COAL:

because Oil and Coal are Resources for materials development, and because gas can be set free by natural disasters as well

BUT gas should be burned only where enough trees are available to immediately make use of the CO2 which is a living gas for trees but a killer gas for climate and human beings.

(AND: all this is not true at all for “FRACKING”GAS” — as for “sand”Tar”Oil”, btw — where square miles of the world are poisoned and devastated for “exploiting” oil and gas which would NOT be set free “just catastrophic” as a “regular” gas field would;
— Fracking & Tar simply should not be used at all —
in the same way, it is nonsense to use “bio”mass”Energy made by Mais MONOcultures or by Palm Oil MONOcultures or by deforesting to produce “pellets”: all this is NOT “renewable” Energy but just killing biospheres & even millions of square feet of Oxygene Production of Natural Forests, replacing them by ecological deserts & CO2 multiplication)


and a First Class NONSENSE is transporting gas in PIPELINEs over 1000s of kilometers instead of “producing” Electrical Power (in thermally coupled gas turbine power plants) as near as possible from where natural gas is pumped off the ground:

Gas pipelines need much more “lost” energy for its transportation, pipeline tubes must be 100% sealed and secured against explosions, and without pumping stations (to maintain pressure) no gas would reach the other end of the pipeline.

That is regrettably true for ANY gas pipeline, so as well for the new Baltic Sea pipeline and the new Nabucco (Aserbeidshan/Turkey) pipeline.

OIL and COAL, however, are valuable materials resources for our children and later generations. They will be “burned out” in 50 or 100 years. Even when they “last” 500 more years: what will be then? What will generations then say?

“At present (mining) costs”,¬† oil and gas will be available far less than 50 years. Already now, “open mining” destroys 1000s of square miles worldwide, rather per month than per year: http://kohletagebau.blogsport.de

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